Consulting Services

Bill Fellows provides expertise to cleaning organizations throughout the United States. Given the limited internal resources available to many cleaning organizations, whether in-house or Building Service Contractors (BSC), consulting services provide experienced personnel that can handle short-term projects to remain competitive at a much lower cost than full-time employees. Consultants are also on top of the latest industry trends and bring their years of experience to special projects as well as ongoing engagements.

Bill Fellows consulting work includes, but is not limited to the following:

Independent review of the cleaning organization’s overall performance

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Safety
  • Financial
  • People
  • Operational Performance
  • Continuous Improvement

Facilitation of compliance to CIMS Certification, CIMS-GB Certification and/or Green Seal’s GS-42 Certification Standards

  • Identify gaps in compliance
  • Create required documents
  • Implement policies & procedures
  • Train employees
  • Conduct “Mock Assessments”

Work with building owners and/or LEED Consultants on the cleaning performance of the building

  • Conduct “Mock Third Party APPA Audits” for buildings working toward LEED Certification with selected company and cleaning personnel to make everyone comfortable with the audit process.
  • Provide a sample performance evaluation of all APPA Space Categories
  • Recommend areas and methods of improvement
  • Work directly with the cleaning organization to improve current procedures and performance monitoring to achieve compliance to APPA Standards.

Work with people who want to create their place in the cleaning industry

  • Conduct 4-hour workshops that explain how to start up your cleaning business in a way that  avoids the pitfalls that can cost huge amounts of money and/or ruin a business
  • Visit existing accounts semi-annually to review opportunities for cost savings by implementing continuous improvement ideas

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