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GS-42 Certification Manual

Green Seal’s GS-42 Certification Standard is made up of eight sections. To see and download a copy of the standard, go to:

GS-42 requires total compliance with every section to receive certification. (CIMS and CIMS-GB require total compliance with applicable sections designated as “Shall” and a percentage of sections designated as “Should” and “May”.)

Below is a brief summary of the sections of the GS-42 Certification:

Section 1:  Human Relations.

Section 2:  Company Compliance

Section 3:  Operating Procedures and building plans

Section 4:  Requirements for Cleaning Products, Supplies and Equipment

Section 5:  Cleaning procedures

Section 6:  Communication Requirements

Section 7:  Training Requirements

Section 8:  Certification and Labeling Requirements

If you have specific questions about what would make sense for you and your organization, please contact us or visit our free downloads page where you can download a detailed discription of this manual.

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