Third Party APPA Audits

Bill Fellows assists cleaning organizations to meet the APPA performance requirements for buildings seeking LEED Certification of any level.  LEED has a section that provides for a possible 15 points in Indoor Environmental Quality. Those that directly apply to the cleaning of the building include:

1. Prerequisite 3 – Green Cleaning Policy

2. Credit 3.1 – Green Cleaning – High Performance Cleaning Program, 1 point

3. Credit 3.2 – Green Cleaning – Custodial Effectiveness Assessment, 1 point

4. Credit 3.3 – Green Cleaning – Purchase of Sustainable Cleaning Products & Materials, 1 point

5. Credit 3.4 – Green Cleaning – Sustainable Cleaning Equipment, 1 point

6. Credit 3.5 – Green Cleaning – Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source Control, 1 point

7. Credit 3.6 – Green Cleaning – Indoor Integrated Pest Management, 1 point

Under this standard, the cleaning organization, whether in-house or BSC, has the potential to add six points of the fifteen to the overall LEED-EB score.

There are a variety of ways to assist cleaning organizations in this area.  Bill can perform a Third Party APPA Audit.  To prepare for this official Audit, Bill can assist the organization in creating, training, implementing and enforcing green cleaning processes that meet or exceed APPA and other LEED requirements and follow that with a “Mock” audit to prepare your staff for compliance with optimum scoring potential for the building owners.

Bill Fellows’ scope of work is limited to the specific submittal requirements of APPA’s Custodial Effectiveness Audit (IEQ Credit 3.2) of the US Green Building Council’s LEED Certifications. We would be pleased to connect you with LEED/APPA consultants who can help you with other dimensions of certification.


A complete Custodial Effectiveness Audit Summary, the associated narratives and the professional credentials or experience of the 3rd party auditor, establishing their technical capacity to accurately conduct the audit.

If you have specific questions about what would make sense for you and your organization, please CONTACT US.

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