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Making cleaning organizations and their people better!

Bill Fellows helps cleaning organizations, property managers, and building owners meet cleaning certification requirements, improve cleaning performance, and conform to required standards. Our offerings include:

Green Cleaning Consulting for in-house or Building Service Contractors (BSC)

  • Review of cleaning organization performance
  • Facilitate compliance to CIMS, CIMS-GB and/or GS-42
  • Implement policies & procedures, train employees and conduct “Mock Assessments”
  • Work with building owners and/or LEED Consultants to improve the cleaning performance of the building.

Cleaning Certification Manuals

  • CIMS Certification Manual
  • CIMS GB Certification Manual
  • GS-42 Certification Manual

Training Products

  • Safety Manuals
  • Training Manuals

Contact us to learn how Bill Fellows can help your organization improve their cleaning performance!